BMW Performance Upgrades in Northampton

If you drive a BMW, you know how it feels to drive quality. Like most owners, you probably want to get the most out of your vehicle, too. Here at Carbon Sol, we can help you do just that. As your local, independent BMW specialists, we have the training and experience to deliver the very best in BMW performance upgrades, whichever model you happen to drive.

How Carbon Sol can improve your BMW performance

We provide an extensive selection of upgrade services at our Northampton service centre, each one specifically designed to improve the performance of your BMW car. These are some of our most popular upgrade solutions.


BMW ECU Upgrades
in Northampton

Your Engine Control Unit (ECU) is one of the most important components in your BMW engine. It controls a whole series of sensors and actuators with the engine itself to ensure optimal performance. This is done by collecting data from the engine bay sensors, interpreting that data using its internal lookup tables, and adjusting the engine actuators accordingly. This includes your car’s idle speed, ignition timing, air-fuel mixture, and so much more.

We can improve your ECU’s performance by remapping the software. Using specialist equipment, specially-tailored for BMW vehicles, we tweak the sensitivity of those sensors and the conditions under which they affect the engine. This can drastically improve your car’s speed, response times, fuel economy, and more. We use the very latest technology to deliver a vehicle that operates at peak performance.


Gearbox Upgrades
in Northampton

We can make your gearbox operate more smoothly without having to replace any mechanical parts. We simply upgrade the gearbox software in your car to reprogram your shift points for smoother, more fluid shifting between gears.


Exhaust System Upgrades
in Northampton

We can upgrade the exhaust system on most models of BMW. With some of the company’s newest cars, we can even modify the original exhaust to deliver enhanced performance and a smoother sound—all without affecting the vehicle’s appearance. In addition, we can replace your exhausts with full-titanium models, which don’t just improve your car’s performance but drastically reduce the weight of the vehicle. We can also alter your exhaust so that it will improve the sound on start-up and in various driving modes (such as sports mode).


Customised Driving Modes
in Northampton

Speaking of driving modes, we have the tools and experience to program different throttle responses and power levels for each of your BMW’s driving modes, allowing for individually-tailored performance profiles.


BMW Performance Upgrades
near you

Carbon Sol is the premier independent BMW specialist for drivers in Northampton, welcoming customers from across the town and surrounding area. Whatever your BMW performance upgrade needs, you can depend on us to deliver a first-rate service and unbeatable results every time.

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