BMW Servicing

When it comes to regular BMW maintenance, a key component is regular servicing by fully-trained and certified professionals. Here at Carbon-Sol, we provide a detailed and thorough BMW service on all ranges and models. Our team of skilled mechanics bring decades of experience to each service, ensuring your vehicle is running at optimum efficiency.

What Does a BMW
Service Involve?

A BMW service is an all-over check-up for your vehicle. In the same way you might visit your GP for a regular health check to make sure everything is ticking away as it should, our BMW service offers the same peace of mind for your car. It also allows us to spot potential problems that might lie ahead for your car down the road. By spotting wear-and-tear early on, you can avoid serious and expensive repairs in the future.

  • I Already Have My MOT – Do I Need a BMW Service as Well?

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  • Your annual MOT test is designed to make sure your vehicle is fit to be on the road, and nothing more. While it covers some of the points a full BMW service covers, it is nowhere near as in-depth. A BMW service goes into greater detail and checks all of your car’s key components.
  • How Often Should I Get a BMW Service?

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  • You can get your car serviced as often as you want, but we recommend you have it at least every two years – or sooner, depending on your mileage. Having a car service every 5000 to 8000 miles helps to keep your oil fresh and maximise car lubrication
  • What Happens If You Find Something Wrong?

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  • At the end of your BMW service, we will make recommendations for any repairs or improvements that will benefit your car, but you are under no obligation to do them. The only exception is if part of your car is so damaged as to make it no longer roadworthy. In those circumstances, you can either have the repair work done, or arrange for your car to be transported back to your home address.

Why Choose

There are many reasons to choose us for your BMW servicing needs in and around Northampton. This is a few of the more common ones, based on extensive feedback from our customers…

Full BMW Service on All Models

Here at Carbon-Sol, we have been working with BMW vehicles for years, so our mechanics know the entire range inside and out. Whether you drive the latest G22 4 Series or an E36 3 Series from thirty years ago, we have the skills and the experience to know what makes it tick. We guarantee a full and effective BMW service, whatever series and model you own.

Experienced BMW Service Specialists

We have been trading from our BMW service centre in Northampton for many years, making us one of the town’s best-established BMW specialists. Our mechanics have also been part of the trade for a long time, with decades of relevant, hands-on experience under their collective belts. Their extensive expertise guarantees quality BMW servicing every time.

A Name You Can Trust

Over the years we have been trading, Carbon-Sol has built a reputation for excellence among our Northampton customers. Much of that reputation is thanks to the recommendations made by our satisfied clients to their friends, families, and acquaintances. Our team of fully-trained and experienced BMW mechanics work hard to not just meet, but exceed expectations on every service job we take on.

Your Local BMW Service Centre

Based right here in Northampton, Carbon-Sol is your one-stop shop for BMW servicing in the town. Our service centre welcomes customers from across Northampton itself and the surrounding areas.

Professional BMW Servicing in Northampton

Here at Carbon-Sol, quality BMW service comes in two distinct varieties – interim and full – performed on a 6-monthly and an annual basis respectively. Every BMW service is performed by fully-trained and BMW-certified mechanics, so you can be sure of a first-rate job every time.

Interim BMW Service in Northampton

Our interim BMW service is ideal for customers who put plenty of miles on the clock, whether travelling for work or pleasure (or both). It covers all the important components of your car, making sure they are in good condition. This is an extensive inspection of your vehicle and includes the following checks and tests:
  • check vehicle history
  • check body work for damage
  • check trims, lamps, mirror, and number plates
  • check horn
  • check ABS
  • check interior warning lights
  • check operation and condition of seatbelts
  • check operation of all interior and exterior switches and lights
  • check front and rear windscreen washers and wipers
  • check security and condition of rear-view mirror and windscreen
  • check fuel cap and air conditioning
  • check power steering reservoir and top up where necessary
  • check PAS
  • check fan belts and auxiliary belt
  • check pollen filter
  • check operation of clutch and handbrake
  • check security and condition of battery
  • check and top up gearbox oil, axle oil, and transfer box oil
  • check and top up all fluid levels under the bonnet
  • check and top up brake fluid, antifreeze, and clutch fluid
  • underbody inspection and corrosion check
  • replace oil filter and engine oil
  • check security and condition of steering, suspension, mountings, and gaiters
  • check exhaust system and fuel lines for leaks and security
  • check brake pipes, hoses, and handbrake cables
  • check callipers and cylinders for leakage
  • check condition of tyres, adjusting pressure if necessary
  • check and record brake pads, drums, and discs for operation and condition
  • road test
  • exhaust emissions and idle speed check
  • reset service light
  • stamp and sign service book

Full BMW Service in

The full BMW service from Carbon-Sol includes all of the checks that we conduct as part of our interim BMW service, plus a few extra points of inspection. These ensure your vehicle is in top condition until its next service or MOT. These are the additional checks we perform:
  • lubricate door hinges, lubricate catches, and locks
  • check the coolant systems and fan
  • check throttle operation
  • replace spark plugs and air filter, if required
  • check gearbox mount and engine for wear
  • test operation and security of starter motor cranking
  • visually inspect coolant pipes and radiator for leaks and security
  • check all wheel bearing for noise or free play
  • check operation and condition of front and rear brakes with wheels removed
  • refit wheels (if necessary) and set wheel torque

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